Sunday, October 31, 2010


So we're getting closer to being done with our old walk-in closet turned Rowan's nursery... and its finally starting to feel like a cozy little space. Here is the entrance thus far. Eventually to the right will be the crib and to the left, a rocking chair... and that's about it :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh the difference a year can make...

Last year around this time... I was busy making my Halloween costume, fussing about how to best make my peacock mask and tail feathers, whether or not Mark was going to wear a wig or rock his actual long duds to be the most authentic Dog The Bounty Hunter possible, and where the most hoppin' place would be, out on the town, come Oct. 31st.

THIS YEAR... I am busy creating a nursery (in our tiny one bedroom condo... its been interesting), washing and folding baby clothes, and deciding on the best location for the birthing tub in our place, come Rowan's birth day (which may just be Oct. 31st... if we're lucky).
I absolutely LOVE this time of year... especially this year. We've had so much sun making all the fall colors stand out beautifully and with the anticipation of Rowan's arrival it just feels so electric and exciting.

Yesterday I met with one of my very best friends for coffee and a stroll around the streets of Hawthorne. In one of my favorite shops, while she was busy picking out ribbon for her beautiful bookmarks, I was in the card section picking out possible pictures for Rowan's wall above his crib. I haven't been terribly inspired by anything yet for his tiny room and yesterday while perusing the cards... I fell in love with a few that I just had to have. The cards depict Mark's love for architecture and my love for medicine in a whimsical way, so I thought they'd be fitting for over our little one's crib and not too babyish.

So, last night I put them into frames and am really pleased with how they turned out.... here's a little preview of a couple things we're working on... Hopefully we can get it all organized before he arrives... we'll see!

framed cards

some eclectic knobs for the three drawer dresser Mark is just finishing staining

and any guesses what my plans are for this??

Friday, October 22, 2010

knitted wishes

As the due date approaches... I find myself wishing I had had more time to knit some goodies for Rowan... Luckily I have a crafty older sister who made me an amazing owl blanket, some adorable burp cloths and a fun stuffed owl, as well as an amazing friend who made some lovely bibs... so he'll have a few handmade items to cherish. Maybe someday I'll get brave and attempt a knitting project like one of these.... adorable scarf or a hat like these from Oeuf

or how about an awesome blanket, stool cover or hangers like these from wood & wool stool

I think I'll start with a hanger... seems doable no?

38 weeks and counting

So, the pictures are slightly blurry, but its pretty clear that my tummy is growing at a rather rapid rate at this point! We are nesting to the n'th degree and feel like he's coming soon....