Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday mornings

sitting here this morning, studying with my cup of tea... there are glimpses of sunshine through the trees

goodbye january. hello february. t minus 48 days til spring!

Friday, January 29, 2010

friday night fun...

here's what I came up with this evening... managed to make a pretty cute pair of shoes clips with some vintage clip-on earrings I found at goodwill, a little piece of swiss dot tulle and feathers...

and without the tulle...

and a fun little silk flower clip...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a little project

Not sure why... but I'm loving stripes lately

I really want this sweater from anthropologie...

but I refuse to spend that amount of money on one item of clothing... so I've decided to keep my eye out for a cute striped sweater... then I'll make my way to the craft store and buy some fancy buttons and lace to doctor it up and make it look like the one from anthro... think I can do it? Well... I'm gonna try :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

a few good movies...

mark and I have watched a couple of good movies lately worth mentioning in case your on the lookout for a good rental:

500 Days of Summer: my kind of romantic comedy... it could be because mark and I have crushes on both the main actor and actress, or maybe it's their outfits throughout the film, or the awesome soundtrack... whatever the case its a good one.

Whatever works: Woody Allen directs and Larry David (writer for Seinfeld) stars in this hilarious dark(ish) comedy! Its definitely a Woody Allen film so it's almost more like watching a play than a movie, but I've come to love that about his films... and I can't help but chuckle to myself any time Larry David is onscreen... he doesn't even have to say anything, his mannerism say it all :)

Humpday: Now this one may not be for everyone... it is definitely an independent film, but not in a bad way... Again, I'm a sucker for the lead actor, Mark Duplass. I've loved all the movies I've seen of his. And this one did not disappoint! It seems so wrong in so many ways, but ends up being absolutely hysterical... if you're willing to put up with the lower budget camera shots, its totally worth it! Gives the term "bromance" a whole new meaning :)

And lastly... a documentary of course :) The White Diamond. Directed by the amazing Werner Herzog. This is a beautiful film in so many ways...

Friday, January 22, 2010

vintage tins and flowers

I have recently been hitting up the Goodwill superstore by my house on a very regular basis, collecting antique silver containers to use as centerpieces at our wedding this summer... and in the process I've come across some awesome finds!

Last night I got a pair of like-new skinny black Paige jeans that fit like a glove for less than $20.00, a gorgeous strand of vintage Ralph Lauren pearls, a polaroid camera in perfect working condition and the list continues. I honestly have more fun in that store than I ever have in any department store... you just never know what treasure you will come across.

I actually found an old tea tin from the original campus of my school, NCNM, with the dandelion tea recipe and dosage information still attached to the top of the tin! I picked up the tin because it had a really cool pattern to it and when I read the faded label on the top... I couldn't believe what I had found. It has to be at least 40+ years old... I can't help but wonder who it came from and what all its seen.

Bringing me to my last point, I love the look of antique tins as vases... think I might be keeping my eye out for other tins in the future...

Treasure hunting... never gets old :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

weekend plans...

off for some much needed R & R at the rainy Oregon coast... lookin forward to it :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wedding planning

location? check.
dress? check.
shoes? check...

they just arrived in the mail today and... are they rad or what?! So, I wanted something with a bit of sparkle, an overall vintage feel and have the look of a heel but not the added height... so, I found them and can now envy them for months to come until the big day :)

The other thing I love about these shoes is their art deco inspired style... which I know Mark will appreciate more than probably anyone realizes :) Love 'em :)

a kindled fire...

Mark and I recently reorganized our front room (switching up the furniture and whatnot) and in the process, I realized that together we have way too many books... well actually you can never have too many books... but, rather we don't have enough space to store all our books. Someday I'd love to have a room with floor to ceiling book shelves, but that day is quite a ways off so I decided to go through them and choose some books to take to Powell's for buy back.

There were novels I've read and don't wish to read again, books I bought for a specific class and read the three required chapters only etc. And then there were books I had totally forgotten I'd read... it was like coming across an old friend or a memory of a specific time period in my life. Flipping through the book and rereading the underlined sections or dogeared pages was like looking back at a journal of my life... it was wonderful. Needless to say I didn't collect as many books as I would of liked to take to Powell's, but I cleared out a few piles.

This renewed appreciation of the books on my shelves brings me to this new trend of the electronic Kindle, which is essentially an electronic book. I guess you can get many different books on this one handheld device. I understand that this would be convenient during travel and ultimately saves valuable resources, but the thought of reading a book electronically seems so sterile and just sad to me.

One of the things I love most about books is the way they feel and smell. Not to mention the display of them can be a comfort and piece of art in itself. With everything else in the world converting to convenient electronic devices, I want books to be left alone.... what will happen to all the bookstores in the world? Or libraries?! Will they end up like the dwindling record and CD stores? No one buys CDs anymore, because its all accessible via our portable electronic devices. It may seem extreme, but when I heard about Kindle I couldn't help but have mental images of book burning and cencorship from Fahrenheit 451. Anyone else feel similarly?

Let books be your dining table
And you shall be full of delights
Let them be your mattress
And you shall sleep restful nights
-Author unknown