Saturday, January 23, 2010

a few good movies...

mark and I have watched a couple of good movies lately worth mentioning in case your on the lookout for a good rental:

500 Days of Summer: my kind of romantic comedy... it could be because mark and I have crushes on both the main actor and actress, or maybe it's their outfits throughout the film, or the awesome soundtrack... whatever the case its a good one.

Whatever works: Woody Allen directs and Larry David (writer for Seinfeld) stars in this hilarious dark(ish) comedy! Its definitely a Woody Allen film so it's almost more like watching a play than a movie, but I've come to love that about his films... and I can't help but chuckle to myself any time Larry David is onscreen... he doesn't even have to say anything, his mannerism say it all :)

Humpday: Now this one may not be for everyone... it is definitely an independent film, but not in a bad way... Again, I'm a sucker for the lead actor, Mark Duplass. I've loved all the movies I've seen of his. And this one did not disappoint! It seems so wrong in so many ways, but ends up being absolutely hysterical... if you're willing to put up with the lower budget camera shots, its totally worth it! Gives the term "bromance" a whole new meaning :)

And lastly... a documentary of course :) The White Diamond. Directed by the amazing Werner Herzog. This is a beautiful film in so many ways...

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  1. I loved 500 Days of Summer. It was so sweet and adorable, perfect costumes and perfect music. And the stars are so so crush worthy.