Friday, January 22, 2010

vintage tins and flowers

I have recently been hitting up the Goodwill superstore by my house on a very regular basis, collecting antique silver containers to use as centerpieces at our wedding this summer... and in the process I've come across some awesome finds!

Last night I got a pair of like-new skinny black Paige jeans that fit like a glove for less than $20.00, a gorgeous strand of vintage Ralph Lauren pearls, a polaroid camera in perfect working condition and the list continues. I honestly have more fun in that store than I ever have in any department store... you just never know what treasure you will come across.

I actually found an old tea tin from the original campus of my school, NCNM, with the dandelion tea recipe and dosage information still attached to the top of the tin! I picked up the tin because it had a really cool pattern to it and when I read the faded label on the top... I couldn't believe what I had found. It has to be at least 40+ years old... I can't help but wonder who it came from and what all its seen.

Bringing me to my last point, I love the look of antique tins as vases... think I might be keeping my eye out for other tins in the future...

Treasure hunting... never gets old :)


  1. Totally adorable idea. I used to try and plant things in old coffee tins, but the plants never really seemed to like that. This makes much more sense.

  2. I love Goodwill too. A couple weeks ago I went there and found an old golden book of Mickey and the beanstalk. Remember the giant... "I think I do, I think I do... yea I do". Just seeing his picture in the book brought me back and made me laugh... I'm going to have to do a scrapbook page with it. Also, so cool about your finds... I might have to go tonight. :)