Tuesday, April 6, 2010

registry fun

so mark and I recently attempted to start our wedding registry... after many glass and sterling silver items later I'm starting to wish we could add a little more fun to it all. Granted its all things that we need and want, but wouldn't it be fun to also throw some items like this on there?

these adorable knobs from f is for frank

snout cups seen here

and these fun plates from sonnyboutique


  1. All so sweet! Love those nobs! xoxo

  2. I say you DO add them to the registry... make your own darn it... with websites... who says you have to register at pottery barn or target anyways???? :) Love the snout cups... don't be surprised if I track those little beauties down. :)

  3. You can do wishpot.com! The other night was a lot of fun!..I really enjoyed our talk! We should get together a lot more often than once or twice a year!

    When you get a free moment can you email me the seed diet info?...I am very interested! krywilson@gmail.com

    Thank you!...have a fabulous weekend!