Sunday, May 2, 2010


So, we all have that one song that is our all time favorite song... right? You never get sick of it no matter how many times you hear it... whatever emotional state you're in when it comes on, it simply amplifies it ten times over.
For me that song is "hallelujah" sung by jeff buckley (originally done by leonard cohen). My reason for bringing this up is that mark and I have recently been discussing what song we want to playing when I "walk down the aisle" and we actually both thought of this one... We have a string quartet playing the ceremony and are thinking about asking them to play a version of this... any thoughts?

or another option.... this song but done by the string quartet of course (although who doesn't love regina's version?)

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  1. Oh, Shan. I was singing a horrible rendition of Hallelujia in the shower this morn. It is a beautiful song. I remember wanting Ben Harper's Forever, but I think that one slipped through the cracks. We'll have to talk more music, soon! I've been finding some goodies. :)