Sunday, October 25, 2009

beef... its whats for dinner

so, I recently picked up 40 lbs of frozen organic grass-fed ground beef that I can't wait to make hamburgers, stuffed eggplant, chili, tacos etc. with... we got an awesome deal from wooden bridge farm and all the proceeds went directly to their daughter who is saving up for college. I am obviously going to divvy it up and give some to my sisters and parents, as mark and I probably won't devour all 40 lbs in a couple months time. But, I have to say as someone who used to be vegetarian for years... it feels really good to be able to buy local, organic, humanely raised beef directly from a great family. We are so lucky, in the northwest, to be surrounded by organic farms, home delivery services, farmers markets, and new seasons stores. Anyone have any good ground beef recipes? Anyone want to come over for dinner? Mark makes an AMAZING chili :)photo from flickr


  1. sounds cool!! i've always wondered how chilli tastes.. so i may come over, as a slow beginner for eating red-meat :)

    (i used to be allergic to it.. well i still am but i can eat a little at least.. but i don't like the taste of red-meat since i've not been allowed to eat it for 19 years) :)

    bon appetite!!

  2. I was already planning what we would have for dinner tonight. Thanks for finding the deal and picking it up... can't wait. Also, love the cow picture... did you find it online? :)

  3. SO cool Shan. I'll definitely have to look into purchasing beef this way. Thanks for the heads up!