Friday, October 9, 2009

my idea of a fun friday night

okay so although I am still totally planning on having a tutu making get together (no worries Cass)... I had to give it a try tonight because I needed a gift for my friend, Amanda's, lil girl who's 1st birthday party is tomorrow. Here's how it turned out...I'm actually pretty proud of myself... not only is the tutu adorable, but this whole gift cost me less than $11.00 total!! Two sale items from old navy and the tutu, which cost a whopping $2.96 in tulle and about $0.50 in ribbon. Rad huh?! The tulle is on sale right now at Joann's for $0.74/yard. If anyone doesn't know what to be for Halloween yet, you may just want to incorporate a tutu into your ensemble... I think I might... I really need an excuse to make one for myself :)


  1. Darling! You're such a sweet frind, too. Oh, and what a deal!

  2. Oh, I want a tutu. This is so adorable.

  3. I could give these to about a million little girls for Christmas... I LOVE IT!