Thursday, October 22, 2009

costume crisis

so, the feathers for my peacock costume still have yet to come in the mail (even though I ordered them over three weeks ago) thus I'm left scrounging for a costume (as always) for a halloween party that I'm going to this weekend. If I had a little more time... I'd want to get all dolled up in marie antoinette style attire... then I'd have a reason to buy a pair of these...

or this cute vintage slip dress
But instead I'm left with an entirely blue outfit with a fan attached to the butt (where the feathers were supposed to attach) and no peacock feathers to speak of... So, now what? Grab some drum sticks and go as a member of the blue man group?? Ah, or break down and try to find overpriced peacock feathers at a fabric store around town?? Tried that, and the one store I went to was out due to high demand... apparently the whole peacock idea isn't terribly original :)
The good news: I think mark has some drum sticks :) The bad news: I just looked up a picture of the blue man group and they wear all black with blue painted faces... well white sheet and two holes here I come!


  1. If you need blue hair, a witch, Cinderella, Tinkerbell, or Mrs. Incredible costume for the weekend... I'm your girl.

  2. hmmm... I may be stopping by in the near future :) I'll letcha know!

  3. yea white sheet sounds feaky original :))