Sunday, October 4, 2009

spontaneous sundays

today was a great day of random findings... after a wonderfully long morning of lying in bed chatting with Mark, I went to a goodwill near our place and found the most beautiful antique lamp for our bedroom, an awesome colorful tin, a really cute teapot, and a pretty flowery blouse. Then Mark and I ventured out for a drive, randomly ending up at the Grotto which was gorgeous in the afternoon sun, and then wandered around on Hawthorne, eating at the Bridgeport ale house and stopping by the Buffalo exchange where we both came across some good finds. I finished the afternoon off with a big pot of tea and studied for my test tomorrow morning. I love lazy weekends :)


  1. Want to see that lamp! Lazy weekends are the best! Lazy is about all I was up to this last weekend! Well, mostly. Good luck on that test tomorrow!

  2. Sounds glorious... I was laying down on the couch all day... ice and heat... ice and heat. I think it's working though. The pain is subsiding today!